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Candidates - matrix

The comparative matrix is one big spreadsheet with all of your candidates, or only the candidates of a certain filter. It’s a way for you to look at many candidates at the same time and make quick comparisons.

You can sort by any column by clicking on the column header. Also note that you can full screen the page in order to maximize what you can see. This may make it easier to compare candidates.

You have the option to download this matrix as a spreadsheet so you can review it using spreadsheet software. It’s very important to keep in mind, however, that storing people’s personal information (for extended periods of time) may break privacy legislation.

This spreadsheet will include people’s names, email addresses, phone numbers, as well as their answers to all the questions you have asked them in the application form. Downloading this spreadsheet is possible, but take extreme care about storing and sharing this file. It is your own responsiblity to comply with local privacy regulation.