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Password procedure for current users

Did you already use CVSelection before 16 April 2022? In order to log into the new system you will be asked to reset your password. You can do this the first time you login. You will be sent an email with instructions and a link.

Candidate statuses

In the old system, you had to configure custom candidate statuses for each vacancy. In our new system you can configure the statuses at an organization-wide level. Read more about candidate statuses.

As part of the migration, we have kept all your custom statuses in the new system. However, when you classify candidates in an existing vacancy, you will no longer see the same list of statuses that you had before. You will have to add these statuses to the organization settings first, and then you can continue classifying candidates in the same way as before.

Job portal

In our new website, a key new feature is that you can now have your own corporate job portal. That means that you can show all your vacancies on one page, and you can direct potential candidates to this portal (from your website, social media, job adverts, etc). However, by default this job portal is turned off. We suggest you consider turning on your job portal.