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Templates are a convenient way to re-use information. Setting up templates can save you time and effort in the future. Rather than copying the same information each time you create a vacancy or send out e-mails, you can use a template instead and only tweak certain details.

There are three types of templates you’ll find on this page:

Application form templates

Application form templates are templates for entire applications. They can be useful if you expect to have a number of similar, or even identical, vacancies.

E-mail templates

E-mail correspondence with candidates happens at various stages of the application process. Some candidates will be sent a rejection e-mail, others will be invited for an interview, a few might be asked some follow-up questions, and at the end one or more people will be hired.

You can write e-mail templates to facilitate this process. The saved e-mail templates will appear when you send out a mass e-mail to candidates. You’ll be able to add the contents with one click, as well as make any necessary adjustments.

Question banks

Part of creating a new vacancy is writing specific, custom questions for your candidates. In case you find yourself writing the same custom questions for multiple vacancies, we recommend adding these questions to the question bank. Questions that you add to the question bank you can later add to a vacancy with a single click.