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Vacancies - configuration

The configuration page lets you quickly change some vacancy options as well as edit communication settings.


The various toggles can be changed to (not) ask your candidates for specific things like a number they use for WhatsApp and a cover letter, as well as more general things like their work and education history.

Note that this is also the place where you can ensure your candidates are asked for their consent to be added to your candidate database. In many jurisdictions you are legally obligated to ask this before saving someone’s personal information for longer than the time it takes you to run your vacancy.


The communication settings include your notification preferences; the people who should be notified and how frequently about new applications. You have three options:

  • Be notified instantly when a new candidate applies
  • Receive a daily summary report listing the new applications
  • Receive a weekly summary report listing the new applications

Summary reports are sent out at 10:00 UTC. The weekly report is sent out on Mondays. You can also decide not to receive any notifications.

It’s also possible to add recruitment channels in order to ask candidates how they’ve found your vacancy. This may help you understand how candidates are finding your vacancy.

Lastly, you can write the text for the thank you email that candidates receive after applying.