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Candidates - filter

One of the most powerful features of CVSelection are its filters. A filter is essentially a saved search, letting you very easily find candidates who match what you’re looking for. Filters can include work experience, eduction, as well as any custom question they may have answered in their application.

You can then perform certain actions on the whole group. For example, for a job that absolutely requires a driver’s license, you can create a filter to select all candidates who don’t have one and reject them all. Similarly, you can add a certain status, like High potential, to all candidates who match a filter that asks for high levels of education and lots of work experience.

Filters can be created, edited, and deleted at any point, so don’t hesitate to try it out and create a few. There are just a number of things to keep in mind:

Check the boxes for the answers you’d like to include in the filter

For each question you want to include, check the checkboxes of the answers you want to filter candidates on. If a candidate has not given the answer you have checked, they will not be included in this filter.

Choose between candidates having to match all answers or any of them

For certain multiple choice questions, you will be asked to choose between candidates having to match all answers or any of them.

For example, you might be looking for candidates who have speak English, French, AND Spanish. In that case, you should check the checkboxes for all three languages and choose the option that candidates have to match all answers.

However, you might be looking for candidates who speak at least one, but not necessarily all, of those three languages. In that case, check the checkboxes of English, French, and Spanish and then select the option that candidates must match any of the answers.

Leave a question’s answers unchecked to exclude it from the filter

If you don’t want to include a certain question in your filter, just leave it alone and leave all checkboxes unchecked. The filter will simply ignore this question and not take it into consideration at all.

The filter will produce a list of candidates that match the conditions of all answers

That’s it! You can create filters at any point in time, even when the vacancy is still open. You can check which candidates match your filter as time goes on and more people apply.