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Candidates - mass-email

Sending emails is monotonous and time consuming. At the same time, it’s frustrating and discouraging for candidates to not receive any emails and be left in the dark about their job application.

CVSelection lets you send personalized emails to many or even all of your candidates at the same time.

The mass email page shows you a list of all candidates and allows you to mark who you want to send an email to. After selecting all the candidates you want to message, you can write the subject, message, and optionally include an attachment.

Your message can be personalized. The uppercase word NAME will be automatically replaced by the actual names of the candidates. So for example, you can start your message with:

Dear NAME,

Thank you for your application...

Another way to send out mass emails is by using filters. After having created a filter, click on the “Send mass email” button to send an email to everyone in that filter. The process of writing the email is the same.