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Candidates - settings

Of the various candidate settings you can tweak, we’d like to highlight the following:

Blind review

Depending on your policies you can choose for a “Blind Review”. This will hide candidate’s names in the candidate list and individual candidate page. Hiding people’s names helps to reduce biases and assumptions about candidates and makes it easier for you to focus only on candidates’ qualifications.

Individual candidate classifications

You can decide that you and your colleagues can’t see the reviews of others before you complete your own review. This can help prevent conformity; the tendency of people to give in to group pressure and simply agree with the opinions of others.

This is especially important in the workplace, where differences in hierarchy can be quite pronounced. For example, a lower-level employee might review candidates similarly to how higher-ups have reviewed them just to avoid being seen as a contrarian.

We recommend hiding people’s reviews before giving your own as it will likely give you more honest reviews.

Candidate tags

If you want to use candiate tags, make sure that you have included tags in your organizational settings.

Reason for disqualification

Like the candidate tags, if you want to save the reason why you for disqualified a candidate, make sure that you have included the complete list of disqualification reasons in your organizational settings.