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Vacancies - create

To start creating a new vacancy, click on “Vacancies” in the top menu and then click on “Create new application form”.

If you have previously created a vacancy template, click on its name at the top of this page.

Basic information

In case you haven’t created any templates or don’t want to use one, simply continue filling out the vacancy’s basic information. Most fields are optional, but the more information you fill out the better. There’s a chance you will miss out on high-quality candidates if you do not provide information about salary and working hours.

Job profile

After filling out the basic information, move on to writing the job profile. This is what applicants will see when opening your vacancy. There are some pre-filled headers, but feel free to start from scratch and write the job profile in any way you see fit.

Custom questions

The last step of creating a new vacancy is writing custom questions. Candidates are asked about their job history and educational background by default. However, you probably want to ask them some specific questions about the vacancy.

The questions page will guide you through the process. In case your custom questions are (very) similar across multiple vacancies, consider creating a question bank to save time and effort.