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Candidates - individual candidate

On an individual candidate’s page you can quickly look at a candidate’s details. The tabs in the menu on the left can be used to switch between a candidate’s work experience, education, their answers to the vacancy’s questions, etc.

The review tab

This is where you and your colleagues can rate, discuss, as well as give a status and add tags to a candidate.


If enabled in the candidate settings for the vacancy, users with sufficient access can all give a rating to a candidate. You’ll see the average of all these ratings in the candidate summary as well as in the candidate list and filter results.


Each candidate can also be given one status. You can create a list of statuses in the organizational settings.


In the candidate settings for the vacancy you can choose to enable a comment section only visible for administrators. If this is activated then there are two commenting sections in candidate profiles: one that is available to all of your team members, and another one only visible to administrators.


In order to use tags, make sure that you have enabled it on an organizational level as well as in the candidate settings for the vacancy. If you have done so, you can add tags to a candidate and later use these to filter, search for, and group candidates.