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Vacancies - education settings

By default, you candidates will be asked about their education. Though you can turn it off, in most cases it will probably be relevant.

A candidate who adds a diploma will be asked about the institution, the (expected) year of graduation, as well as what kind of degree it is and in which field of study.


Educational systems around the world differ significantly and there are many types of degrees your candidates may have obtained. Letting candidates simply write out their degree might sound tempting, but it makes it impossible to properly filter and compare candidates. For example, three candidates who obtained exactly the same degree might write it very differently: master, masters, or master's. These small differences make it impossible for you to later create filters and search for candidates with a certain degree.

For this reason, we’ve put together country-specific lists of degrees. Part of filling out a vacancy’s basic information is adding a country. This country determines which list of degrees your candidates will be able to choose from.

Fields of study

When it comes to fields of study, things are even less standardized. To give you flexibility, you have four options:

  1. Use a standard list with fields of study
  2. Customize the standard list with fields of study
  3. Create a custom list with fields of study
  4. Let candidates write out their field of study in a text box

Note that when using option 4, you will not be able to use fields of study in a filter.