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Database - overview

As candidates apply to a vacancy, you may come across people who perhaps don’t fit the specific job you’ve posted, but who you do consider to be good candidates for another position. The candidate database lets you save these high-potential candidates for future consideration.

Alternatively, you might want create an inventory of candidates in order to quickly fill multiple positions, such as seasonal or temporary jobs. The candidate database lets you do that as well.

The candidate database is included for free when you have a yearly subscription. If you don’t have a subscription you can still get access to a candidate database. Just click on “Database” in the top menu and purchase the database size you would like.

Adding candidates

There are two main ways in which candidates can be added to the database: by going to the profile of an individual candidate or by creating an application form directly for the database.

Candidate profile page

Important: in many jurisdictions, including the entire European Union, it’s not legally permitted to save people’s personal information without getting their informed consent. As such, you are required to ask for candidates’ consent in order to be able to save their information to your database. Doing so is easy: just go to the vacancy’s configuration and turn on “Ask for permission to save their details in your database”.

If a candidate has given their consent, you’ll be able to save their information to your database by going to their profile and clicking on “Save candidate in database”.

Dedicated database application form

Another way to get candidates in your database is by creating an application form specifically for your database. You can set it up and manage it much like a normal vacancy. When on the database page, go through the “Application form” submenu and fill out the introduction text, create custom questions, choose the education settings, and make the necessary configurations.

Candidates who apply using this application form will be entered directly into your database.

Using the database

When it comes to candidates, the database works very similarly to a normal vacancy. Please refer to the candidates section of this documentation for general information about how to use filters, send mass emails, etc.

The main difference when it comes to candidates is that from the database you can invite them directly to apply for one of your vacancies. Do this either on the candidate list, on a candidate’s profile, or through the results of a search / filter.

When you invite a candidate to apply to one of your vacancies, they’ll receive an email to do so and their known information will be automatically filled out for them.